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Cimring Architect is a young Miami-based international practice founded by Alice Cimring in 2011, offering architecture, interior and urban design services as well as construction administration. Our goal is to provide individualized and personalized services, while delivering the best possible design solutions within a project’s given parameters. We strive to create spatial experiences with profound sensory appeal that transcends time and cultural boundaries. We believe that spaces that appeal and stimulate all senses will by default attract and promote human interactions, which are fundamental to the success of any design.

Our second principle is contextually.  At Cimring Architect we always aspire to create projects that are both contextual and irreverent, accepting the status quo while challenging it, creating a dynamic dialog between the existing and the new. Moreover, we place great focus on proven passive green strategies instead of the use of expensive technological gadgets. We truly believe that a project designed with a deep understanding of its site and the tested local environmental strategies can increase a building’s performance without the need of expensive accessories.

Finally, with our client’s wishes, budget and schedule as our primary focus, we aim to materialize their dreams from the inception of the project to the completion of construction. Whether the project is small or large, we will approach it with the same level of dedication and passion, aspiring to deliver nothing less than design excellence.

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