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Simoes Residence

The Simões apartment is located on a high end condominium on Turnberry Way, in Aventura, Florida. The renovation work included two new bathrooms, a new kitchen and living area layout as well as a new lighting design throughout. The first step was to open up the dark living area, which was previously cluttered by an enclosed kitchen volume, which completely blocked off the beautiful canal views. Inspired by the apartment’s sharp angles and views, a large angled granite countertop was used to separate different areas while maintaining a strong visual connection between the interior and the exterior. This oversized linear island divides the living area into a reading area by the window, a sitting area along its long axis and a dining area. The angled black stone, allows for a sitting breakfast nook near the window, which is rotated towards the large existing mirror that captures the stunning view of the canal. In addition, the angle creates a dynamic perspectival reading:  the island appears to be shorter when viewed from one direction and longer when seen from the other, creating an ever changing condition.

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