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The Boat Building School Project is located on the secluded island of Lignumvitae, on the way to Key West, Florida. The campus is composed of four distinct clusters that spread across the small island: the arrival dock, the housing cluster, the school cluster (classrooms, cafeteria and library) and the boat building workshop, where students can build and then launch their boats. The layout relies on a processional experience that would slowly introduce students to the island and the work they need to do, being that the ultimate goal is to reach the boat building shed and have their creation successfully sail away into the clear waters. The different buildings, all of which are wood construction, explore the wide range of structural and cladding possibilities of the material, ranging from simple balloon framing to stacking of larger pre-fabricated wood pieces. The architecture employes vernacular and tropical strategies such as louvered walls and screens to self-ventilate the buildings. The project aims to connect to the surrounding island while creating a unique experience for students, who can learn about wood construction and boat building through the built environment around them.

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