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The Grove residence renovation included the remodeling of its public and private areas to give a more up to date yet warm environment to the existing home. The design was inspired by a modern tropical palette, juxtaposing solid pieces of mahogany wood and natural stones with glossy manmade materials. Four distinguished ambients were created in the grand living room: the dining area, with its 12ft solid wood table, a main sitting area with a new fireplace as its focal point, an informal sitting bench with a dramatically lit wall and a modern pool table. The grand room was further connected to the sunroom with a window through the stone fireplace wall, which conceals a new bar. The glossy material cladding the bar and the stark white countertop were purposely used to dematerialize the mass of bar and reflect the surrounding landscape, seen through the new large operable windows. In the private areas, a new grey wood floor replaced the aged carpet and textured walls were further used to create focal points.

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